Defibrillator Dedication

For this coming year we are looking to raise funds to purchase 24 new defibrillators for our team. Each defibrillator costs approximately £2,450 making the total cost of this project £58,800. In order to dedicate a defibrillator, the cost of at least one needs to be donated. Every valued responder on our team, carries with them a kit bag, which includes the many supplies they may need on scene. The LP1000 defibrillator is one of the most essential supplies in the kit bag inventory. It can be what gives a person a chance of life, and to that there is no comparison. The purchase of these 24 new defibrillators, is vital in ensuring we can provide the patient with whatever care they may need on scene.

We expect to run this project for the year of 2024, completing it by the 1st of January 2025. We plan to create an attractive campaign including flyers sent to our supporters and mention of this project across all of our social platforms. Although our responders currently each carry a defibrillator with them, we are constantly looking to improve our care, and with that we need to update our supplies often. We also provide each of our new recruit responders with their own kit bag, which includes a defibrillator. We are confident that with the support of our loyal donors, together with that of The National Lottery Community Fund, this project will be a success, and we will be able to help the community of Barnet, which we are honoured to be caring for.

  Kitbag Dedication

Every one of our volunteer responders carry with them a kit bag, which contains their most essential equipment, ensuring they are prepared for a call any time. This kit bag contains 30kg of potentially lifesaving supplies. The range of these supplies is massive as it includes dressings for minor injuries, to supplies used in airway management, as well as many other pieces of equipment and supplies which ensure our responders are prepared for whatever situation they find themselves in.

Included in this kitbag, every one of our responders has a LP1000 defibrillator (see the defibrillator section to learn more, or to contribute). These defibrillators could be what gives a person a second chance at life, which is every bag must include one.

Hatzola Northwest kitbags are vital, in ensuring our ability to save and prolong the lives of the Northwest London community. It is for this reason that we are offering the chance to donate, and dedicate a kitbag to be used by our team. The cost of one kitbag is £500, and to dedicate one, the full amount must be donated. If you are interested in this meaningful opportunity, please contact the Hatzola NW office.

  Radio Communication Upgrade

At Hatzola Northwest we are looking to upgrade our communication system. The model and generation of our current radio system, will soon be ceased from support from Motorola. As such we must update our devices by quarter 3 of 2024. As we attend over 6,000 calls every year, we need to ensure that our radios are kept up to date. When a call comes through to Hatzola Northwest, day or night, every one of our responders gets notified on their personal radio. This initial ring is vital in ensuring that we can help the person in need of care. The speed, quality, and reliability of our radios is essential, as it is what lets the responders know that they are needed. For the Radio/ Communication Upgrade Campaign, we are looking to raise £70,000, to cost of our upgrade. Any amount we receive is extremely appreciated and valued. Please contact the office if you wish to dedicate a piece of our communication equipment. With a dedication, you can get a plaque put on a radio in someone’s memory. Please contact the office for more information.

*For more information on how you can dedicate a piece of medical equipment to Hatzola Northwest, please be in touch by emailing [email protected]

Thank you for your support!

  Blue Light Training - CERAD

As of 2024 Hatzola Northwest Paramedics and Responders need to have a recognised qualification to drive blue lights. We need ur team to have the Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving (CERADL3). The purpose of the FAQ Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving (RQF) is to provide Learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding required to prepare, drive and maneuver ambulance vehicles under both routine and emergency response conditions.

This qualification meets the requirements for ambulance service drivers to claim exemptions under road traffic legislation and to operate to the specification of the Road Traffic Regulations Act (exemption for speed limit regulations). This qualification is aimed at individuals who work, as an ambulance support worker, associate ambulance practitioner or an HCPC registered paramedic. £3,000 per member to be qualified = £45,000

*For more information on how you can dedicate a piece of medical equipment to Hatzola Northwest, please be in touch by emailing [email protected]

Thank you for your support!

  Mental Health Campaign

At Hatzola Northwest we are constantly dealing with mental health cases. Whether it be responding to mental health-related emergencies, or encountering an individual or family in poor living conditions. In the case of a mental health- related emergency, this could be response to an attempted suicide, or the like. In cases such as these, we could be the reason why a person will get the care, they so desperately need. We take it as our responsibility to ensure that we report to whoever needed, to get them the necessary help.

In the case of arriving on scene where the home is in poor living conditions, it is our responsibility to ensure that we create a Safeguarding Referral. By completing this we can do our part, to ensure that this individual or family will receive the support they need to live in safety and health. We are always looking to improve our awareness and level of care, in these types of situations. This year, we are running a Mental Health Campaign 2024. Through the success of this campaign, we hope to significantly raise our ability to help those in need of emergent mental health care. With the funds the we raise, we plan to further our team's training in mental health cases in relation to urgent care, through lectures and training sessions. With our team being made more aware of these common issues, and how to respond to them most effectively, along with adopted protocols, and connections with mental health care professionals, we hope to manage the increase of mental health cases, giving those in need full care. Our goal for this campaign is to raise £50,000. We hope that you recognise the extreme importance of this campaign, as we strive to enhance our mental health awareness and care.

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