Due to the overwhelming financial strain on our local NW London Schools, we wanted to think of a fun way of raising much needed funds. The concept of a 5-a-side tournament is not a new one, but this one comes with a nice charitable twist to it! The winning team will win a huge £5,000 for their nominated school!

The perfect partners for this type of community event were Hatzola NW, our very own home grown group of dedicated first-aid responders. Over the past year, Hatzola has successfully held community first aid training seminars for men and women. Due to their popularity and success, Hatzola would like to run more similar courses to benefit the community. As event partners, Hatzola NW will equally benefit from the event proceeds.

This year, once again Global Group (which incorporates Global Kosher, one of the leading Kosher food importers and distributors for our community as well as far beyond) are the proud event sponsor of the tournament.

The event will take place on July 7th 2019, 2.00-6.00pm at Power League Mill Hill 5-A-side. There will also be a family fun day along side the tournament for mothers and children with activities for children, Ice cream and hotdogs/burgers.


1. Each team will consist of 5 players and 2 substitutes.

2. Fixture time for each game will be as per the fixture lists.

3. The first round will be a round robin format. Teams will be split into groups. The top 2 teams from each group plus the 2 best third-placed teams will progress to the knockout stage. If goal difference is the same then goals-for will decide the winner.

4. Three (3) points will be awarded for a win one (1) point for a draw during the group stages

5. Group points accumulated will decide winners, then goal difference, goals scored, and then goals against. If teams are still level, then the result of the match between the two tied teams will be taken into account. If the game ended in a draw, then a sudden death play off will be staged.

6. If there is a draw in the knockout stages, the winner will be decided by penalty kicks.

7. The order of play for the second and subsequent stages will be available from reception.

8. No player will be allowed to play for more than one team in the tournament.


1. Each game will start with one team taking centre, decided by the referee, ball must be played backwards.

2. Only the defending goalkeeper is allowed in the semi-circular goal area

3. Infringement of this rule by : Defenders – Penalty to attacking team.
Attackers – free kick to defenders, one metre outside area.

4. Referees will distinguish between deliberate and accidental entry.

5. Goalkeepers must throw the ball underarm

6. Goalkeepers cannot kick the ball into play unless in the action of a save.

7. If the goalie plays the ball to his own player they cannot play the ball straight back to the keeper.

8. Goalkeepers are not allowed outside the area, if he leaves the area a penalty kick is awarded. Common sense if he saves inside and momentum carries him outside the area, then no infringement.

9. There is a head height rule, if the ball is kicked above this the opposing team is awarded an indirect free kick. Head Height is approx 6ft, the match referee will determine the head height and inform the players before the match commences .

10. If a ball comes onto the pitch from another pitch the game is stopped and restarted with a drop ball.

11. At free kicks opposing players must retreat at least 2 metres from the ball.

12. All free kicks will be direct.

13. No sliding tackles will be allowed.

14. No shoulder charges because of dangers to players.

15. Holding onto the boards and over physical play on the boards will be penalised.

16. Substitutions can be made throughout the game, as many as you wish with the referees consent.

17. Goalkeepers can be changed but only after a goal has been scored.

18. If a player is sent off for violent conduct they will miss the remainder of the tournament.

19. If a player picks up two bookings or sent off for dissent they will miss the next game.

20. If a team is reduced to three players the game will be forfeited and the game awarded 3-0 against them

21. The referees’ decision will be final.

22. All other laws are administered as per F.I.F.A laws of the game.

We recommend shin pads are worn at all times
Moulded soles, studs or blades are NOT permitted on the pitches

N.B. Rules and playing formats are for use only in association with Powerleague events.